Fahre Strategy Proposals
In April 2012, FAHRE launched its proposals for food and health research in Europe.

Unhealthy eating causes up to one quarter chronic diseases – which include heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke and dementia, and are the commonest causes of ill-health in Europe.

FAHRE proposes more research on how to achieve healthier eating – for example, through changing food production, changing behaviours, and showing the impacts of better governmental policies and regulation.

It also proposes improvements in the organisation of food and health research in Europe.

There should be better links between food research and medical research, and more use of social sciences to determine effective interventions.

Food safety authorities should recognise the importance of food on causing chronic diseases, and support the new research effort.

National research programmes must be strengthened, with more joint action between countries…… to learn more you can access a summary of FAHRE’s proposals here (EN, FR) or a more comprehensive overview of FAHRE’s results here.

Experts have provided reports mapping food and health research in 32 European countries:

You can also access the synthesis report here

Also, thematic experts in nine fields have analysed food and health research needs:

see reports

You can also access the synthesis report here.

Furthermore, Fhare collected data on food and health research and innovation funding programmes in an online database which can be accessed on the project website at

FAHRE has conducted a number of different activities to consult with the main players identified which have been summarised in its document Summary reports on consultation exercise

and separate reports are available on its workshop Food and Health Research in Europe: Towards a Vision for Europe, held in Berlin from 3rd – 4th February 2011, e-mail consultation on its proposals “Summary report on Responses to FAHRE’s Draft Strategy Proposals”, survey of SMEs Food and Health Research in Europe. Report of SME Survey”, survey of large companies “Food and health research: a key role for the private sector”, and meeting entitled “Strengthening European Food and Health Research: young researchers as a key pillar for the future of the ERA”.

Your comments and feedback are most welcome on these reports. If you wish to supply these, you can do so by contacting the project manager Rachel Newton, who will see that these reach the authors concerned.

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